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My task is to bear difficulties, endure tribulation, and spill my blood in the name of Christ, our Lord for the One, the Holy Orthodox and Apostolic Church. Thus wrote the voivode Constantin Brancoveanu in 1688, at the beginning of his reign, to tsar Peter I of Russia.

It was a vision dedicated to faith and to the people. Many of the events that took place in the 26 years of rule which culminated in Brancoveanu’s martyrdom, alongside his sons and his councillor Ianache, bear testimony to the power of that vision.

His spiritual and cultural deeds blossomed over the ages and the decisions he made proved prophetic. Constantin Brancoveanu’s work, sanctified through sacrifice 300 years ago, continues to echo through our lives.

The icons and spiritual calligraphies presented in this site bear witness to these past acts of foundation that bear fruit even today.